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Meet our Pup With A Purpose!
Inspired By The Real Aidan

When Aidan's Handler brought her Goldendoodle puppy home, little did she know what she had unleashed. How could she have imagined that her little ball of snow-white, fluffy curls would grow into a book, a movement and a charitable foundation? The disposition “Aidan” inherited from his Golden Retriever mother (and the intelligence from his Standard Poodle father) were traits both essential to creating successful and dependable comfort dogs. Soon, Aidan would grow to become one…

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Aidan's mission

The Book Series

Aidan is on a mission to teach children kindness and compassion! Aidan’s journey sets the perfect stage for sequels! With your continued support, we’ll be able to follow Aidan as he makes friends, forms his “Aid ’n Comfort” movement and carries it across the country—and with your help—the world!
Join Aidan and his posse in their movement to give Aid n" Comfort to those in need!

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