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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Product Key Version 14047341000

Most users will find that the free version of Office is enough for their needs, but if you find you need more features and a more powerful user interface to do your job, you should consider the paid versions of Office. In some cases, the extra features that come with the paid versions are worth the money, as in the case of the more powerful graphics or adding features to Excel. In other cases, the extra features only partly justify the cost, as when you want to use Microsoft Office on a computer running something other than Windows, or when you use the mobile versions of Office instead of the desktop version.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Product Key Version 14047341000

Regardless of what Office you choose, if you want your documents to look good, you need the Windows desktop version of Office, since only that version has a full suite of tools for laying out, formatting, and otherwise tweaking your documents. Moreover, the Windows version of Office lets you use Microsoft Office templates, which are primarily used to build professional-looking documents, as well as create and edit professional-looking presentations. Without Windows, your documents might look fine, but nobody would ever know that they were the result of a Microsoft Office template. You cant change the templates, but you can save your work in a different format if youre feeling competitive.

Microsoft Office lets you import contacts from many other sources, including from social networks such as LinkedIn and Twitter. There is also a feature called Import Visible, which lets you import a data file from a spreadsheet, a database, or an online spreadsheet. If a spreadsheet contains data from a major company, you can click on a cell, and then click on Import Visible, which lets you save the data from that cell in a new Excel sheet in a format called Visual Basic for Applications. You also can format the imported data into a spreadsheet like the one that the company stores, which lets you examine the data in one place. Finally, you can copy and paste the data into another sheet or another Excel document. There are no limitations on the number of contacts, files, or other items that you can import. The Connector Service is Windows s default data import tool, but you can use any tool that lets you import data, such as Oracle, to get your contacts, documents, or other data into Office.


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