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Preuzimanje Torenta American Truck Simulator ^NEW^

American Truck Simulator! It is a 2016 video game developed and published by SCS Software as a vehicle simulation video game that was released on 2nd February for multiple platforms like macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft Windows for PC games. American Truck Simulator is the 2nd installation in this truck simulator video game series, the first one was Euro Truck Simulator 2. This a truck driving video game, players of the game can experience driving trailer-hooked trucks, with these trucks you as a player have to deliver loads to different destinations to game in-game points and money. You have to deliver the load in the given time frame and also with less damage to the goods.

Preuzimanje torenta American Truck Simulator

The gameplay of the second half of the simulator becomes somewhat similar to an economic strategy. After all, in American Truck Simulator California you can hire your own drivers, purchase additional trucks and start developing trucking companies. If the enterprise turns out to be successful and becomes profitable for its owner, then gradually you will become the owner of a real transnational corporation, practically a monopolist in the transportation of goods in the United States. Start with the desert roads of Nevada and the scenic coast of California, and then the official DLC will not keep you waiting long: the torrent is periodically updated with the current version.

American Truck Simulator 2 is based on another equally famous project, download via torrent if you want to know more. This game is a trucking simulator. The developers offer you to make deliveries over fairly long distances, which will require some composure from you. Here you will have the opportunity to try something new and completely non-trivial. At the beginning of your journey, you will act as an ordinary driver. By earning experience and receiving money, you can develop a personal company. But before that, you need to go a long way. Get behind the wheel of powerful trucks and go to your dream.

Immerse yourself in a new trucker simulator for you. Drive exclusively on tracks concentrated in America. You will be able to fully enjoy what is happening and try yourself in a completely new role for you. The requirements for you are quite standard and will not cause big questions. Pick up the cargo and try to deliver it to the designated place without delay. If you do everything right, then you will develop your professional qualities. Next, take care of buying other trucks and hiring drivers. This will be the first step in building your own business. The gameplay is similar to other projects of this genre. Take care of the transportation and try to complete it within the agreed time frame. At first, you will work for a stranger and very soon you will be able to do your own business, which brings good profits. After buying a personal vehicle, your business will go uphill and it will be easy to verify this. Go to the walkthrough if you want to visit new places for you. Keep it up and you will succeed! 041b061a72


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