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[S5E7] Hitting Home ((BETTER))

An agoraphobic man falls ill and refuses to leave his home to be treated at the hospital. Therefore, House and the team have to go to his home to figure out what might be wrong. Cameron takes charge of the case as she had treated the patient in the past and she and the team figure out ways to treat him at his home. However, the patient's condition worsens and it becomes difficult to treat him at his home, therefore House and the team plan to get the man into the hospital for surgery. Meanwhile, Cameron and Chase attempt to work through issues in their relationship, and House deals with an annoying itch he cannot seem to treat, with Wilson making his own analogies about the problem.

[S5E7] Hitting Home

Cameron and the team go to the patient's house, but he resists letting them in. He only wants to let Cameron in. He agrees to let Cameron examine him, as long as the rest aren't there in the room with them. The rest of the team searches the home.

Cameron tries to induce a seizure. The patient remembers that Cameron was part of the outreach program that came to his house by her voice. He makes a living writing technical manuals, but says he's happy never leaving home.

House destroys the blood sample Taub is examining. He's hoping to delay the diagnosis so the patient will be in more pain so he will agree to come to the hospital. Next, House plans to switch out the patient's morphine with saline. House thinks that Taub's marriage is falling apart and that he agreed to do the surgery to keep his skills up and to stay away from home. Taub denies it, but House doesn't believe him.

House has a dream about causing an explosion with a propane driven device used to attract mosquitos. He goes to Wilson's house, and Wilson realizes that he really wants to see Cuddy. House claims there is a mosquito in his house and he has a sore on his hand from the bite. Wilson says it's obviously a self-induced sore and there is no mosquito. The itching is from his desire for Cuddy. Wilson tosses him out and tells him to either go home or to ask out Cuddy.

Cameron is trying to talk Chase into doing the pacemaker insertion surgery in the patient's home. He refuses because he needs a full surgical suite to do the procedure and he realizes that Cameron is just looking for a reason to be angry with him. He admits that he feels she has never let him feel welcome in her home ever since they started being together. He tells her he's not going to chase her forever.

The two then make up after all of their conflict this season, and begin to shoot the breeze about their wardrobe and the new SportsX offices before all sides come to an agreement on an extension for Mahomes.

However, the crew finds challenges awaiting them. J.D. just wants to head home and is constantly waylaid by requests for assistance. Elliot is forced to conduct a seminar with several endocrinology specialists. Turk's dishonesty with the coma patient's family damages his credibility. Carla can't stand having Jack around and begins to doubt if she's cut out to be a parent.

Eventually, all of J.D.'s friends discover they already had what they were looking for all along. Elliot finds that she has been unknowingly memorizing her notes and therefore already has the "brains" to go to the meeting. Turk, after being completely honest with the coma patient's parents, convinces them to pull the plug and learns the coma patient carried a donor card allowing the "heart" transplant. Carla learns from Dr. Cox that she'll feel different about her own child than she does other people's and will find the "courage" she needs. Later, as they put their skills to good use, J.D. is finally allowed to go home.

The episode pays tribute to the iconic film The Wizard of Oz when J.D. is called into the hospital on his day off and attempts to leave to get back home à la Dorothy, while his friends overcome with their own issues with intelligence, courage, and heart.

As the episode ends, while The Worthless Peons practice 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' the staff put their newfound gifts to good use; Elliot expertly chairs the Q&A, Turk performs the heart transplant and Carla plays with Jack. As for JD, he finally gets his wish and is allowed to go home.

In between drinking his probiotics and patting his t-zone dry (for real), Ryan receives a call at home from Sherif. Since the recent price drop at The Jade, Ryan and Amy have been giving countless showings, but still no offer. Sherif, known for his impulsivity, wants to take it off the market before it becomes stale. Not wanting to incur the wrath of Amy again, he insists on dialing her in. No answer. Uh oh...

Episode 7 picks up with a flashback. A young Rip is camping in the fields with another ranch hand, Rowdy, the one who previously brought Beth home from the bar. After the cowboy laments having to work instead of sleeping with Beth, the two start fighting. Rip tells Rowdy to never speak that way about Beth again, and the other rancher picks up a knife to come at him. Rip knocks him down with a rock until he can barely breathe, then unloads his gun, so the two can continue their work for the night in safety.

After older cowboy Rowdy (Kai Caster) talks about Beth (Kylie Rogers) in a way that rubs Rip the wrong way, the two get into a fight, which ends with Rowdy pulling a knife and Rip hitting him in the head with a rock.

Turns out, Clay's plan is to use the home invasions as a means by which Jax will be unseated as president, and he can assume his rightful place at the head of the table. But since GoGo's in the system, as soon as the DNA from the Roosevelt case comes back, Clay is going to be dealing with some major heat along with the rest of SAMCRO. So, with Jax out intimidating Frankie, Unser (Dayton Callie) pays GoGo and Greg the Peg a visit, essentially forcing Clay's hand. As much as Clay excels at misdirection (and as much as the show itself enjoys such things), he is forced to give up one element of his deception in order to do away with the one that will effectively end him.

Her house is a two bedroom, two bathroom home with about 1600 square feet. It was listed at $179,900, but was able to purchase it at $162,500 and she has a renovation budget of $88,000. This is what the house looked like when Patti brought Chip and Joanna by to see it for the first time!

Welcome back to our weekly preview of Taylor Sheridan (Wind River, Hell or High Water, Sicario) & John Linson's Yellowstone. But before we take a look at the preview for S05E07 "The Dream Is Not Me," a quick reminder about why this is a big weekend for the franchise's universe. Along with a new chapter of the modern story of the Duttons over on Paramount Network, viewers will get a chance to learn more about the family's backstory with the premiere of the Harrison Ford & Helen Mirren-starring prequel series 1923. Focusing on Jacob Dutton (Ford) & Cara Dutton (Mirren), the series explores the early twentieth century- a time when pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition & the Great Depression all plagued the mountain west. A place that the Duttons call home.

Jaime and Bronn have traveled a great distance to retrieve Myrcella from Dorne. But the two see no payoff. Jaime's young daughter (who has no idea she's his daughter) doesn't want to leave her new home or her new beau. And Jaime doesn't have much sway to convince her otherwise.

Gabriel, his longtime adviser and father figure, admitted to blindly committing terrible crimes (including the murder of innocents) in the name of the Soviet Union. He is returning home out of shame, because he doesn't want to continue being a part of this kind of evil machine anymore. And as if that weren't enough of a knife to the heart, his last words to his protégé provided the final twist:

Gabriel may be going home because his conscience can no longer take the decades of deception and cruelty, but he's now left behind a much bigger mess than any geopolitical conflict. What was initially presented as a tactic to bring the Jennings family together, could now irrevocably rip it apart. As we saw in this episode, Paige is still floundering emotionally, and Philip is well aware that she knows enough about her parents' secret existence that there is no going back for her. If she doesn't join the KGB in some capacity, the knowledge that she holds could end up destroying her from within well before the Soviet Union collapses in seven years. And is Paige too embroiled in this world now for there to even be any hope of extracting her without permanent damage?

Dean calls Bobby to confirm that he was right about this being a case. Bobby suggests that they check out any missing persons there might be in town to see if there is a connection. Dean asks, by the way, how Bobby's doing 'generally,' clumsily trying to ask about his legs. Bobby realizes this of course, and calls him an idjit before hanging up on him. They go to interview the wife of a missing man, Cliff Whitlow, and she shows them a photo of her husband. She tells them she knew something was wrong when he didn't come home last Tuesday, as he followed a pretty rigid routine. Dean searches the house for clues and discovers a receipt from Madame Liu's Golden Palace in the missing man's jacket.

The next day, Sam again says that he wants to play and Dean and Bobby again say that he's not good enough. Bobby, the acknowledged best player in the group, wants to try again, but Dean insists that he doesn't have enough years to spare. Bobby then bursts out that he's got no reason to keep living anyway and that if he wasn't such a coward, he'd have killed himself the day he got home from the hospital. Dean and Sam are shocked. Sam declares that he will not allow Bobby to play again; there must be another way. He leaves intending to find it. 041b061a72


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