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Kenneth Wilkins
Kenneth Wilkins

For A Lack Of Criminal Intent, Survivors Of Flight 592 Are Without Recourse !LINK!

This cooperative safety reporting program is administered by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and invites pilots, controllers, flight attendants, maintenance personnel, and all others to report actual or potential discrepancies and deficiencies involving the safety of aviation operations. This program is in fact nonpunitive in two respects. First, the federal aviation regulations prohibit the use of any ASRS reports (or information derived therefrom) in any disciplinary action, except for criminal offenses and accidents. Second, as an inducement to stimulate this information flow, ASRS (with certain provisos) typically grants reporters immunity from sanctions if they have violated FARs. ASRS has proven to be very successful at generating a significant amount of "raw data," but unfortunately its shortcoming has been a relative lack of resources available for data mining and analysis. ASRS is currently undergoing some examination for potential revision.

For a Lack of Criminal Intent, Survivors of Flight 592 Are Without Recourse



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