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the next thing to look at is what will be expected of you while working as a bartender. some bartenders work as much as 10-12 hours a night, and other days, they may only be responsible for opening, closing and cleaning up the bar. your availability will largely depend on the hours that the bar is open. some bars may be open 24 hours a day and others may be closed on weekends. if you want to be a bartender who is open 24 hours, you need to have the patience to do so and you need to have great stamina. you need to have the ability to stay at the bar all day, which may require you to take a nap every once in a while.


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a good bartending school will teach you about being a good bartender and they will also teach you how to navigate through the crowd, work with guests, be a great listener, and also have the ability to make people feel comfortable in any situation, even if they are not you.

do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you may want to ask at the beginning of the class. if you feel that the class is not for you, then do not waste your money. you need to make sure that you have the right things that you want to gain from the class. some bartending schools offer free orientation classes so you can take advantage of this. you do not have to pay for a bartending class if it is free. you just need to make sure that you attend that class. you will also need to work out a way to pay for the bartending classes you want to take. if you really want to be a good bartender, you need to invest some time and money into your bartending school.

you need to start looking for a bartending job as soon as you are done with the bartending school. get ready to write resumes and look for jobs in your city or town. you may have the option of doing online job hunting. you may also be able to find free online bartending schools. make sure that you do not just look for jobs in your neighborhood, go across the country or even to a different city. the competition is really stiff when it comes to finding a good bartender. you will also need to think about your future plans and do what you will need to do to be able to move out of your hometown. some bartending jobs are local and you need to be ready to move if you want to work in your hometown. some bartending jobs are at a hotel or a restaurant and you can have a job that is open to the public.


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