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Which Stethoscope Should I Buy

Coming in at number three on our list of best stethoscopes, the 3M Littmann Lightweight S.E. Stethoscope is also a great option for most medical professionals. While it is not going to be quite as top-notch as the Littmann Classic III, this stethoscope still provides reliability and durability and will be all you need and more during your shift.

which stethoscope should i buy

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This one is very lightweight but yet is more durable than you would expect. You are not going to be able to hear heart sounds as clearly as some of the other options. But as I said, this is still a great option for those on a budget which is why it ranks highly on our list.

Next up on our list is the MDF Classic Cardiology Dual Head Stethoscope. This one is simply is a beautiful, great, high-quality stethoscope. The only reason it fell down this far on our list is because it tends to be a bit more expensive than some of the other models. But as I keep saying, you get what you pay for. Not only does this one look good but it has really good sound quality. That to go along with good durability.

Just like the Littmann cardiology model that we mentioned above, this one made by MDF is similar in acoustics. That is what makes this a great stethoscope choice for doctors, nurse practicioners, and physicians assistants.

Next up is the Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope. This is the cheapest option that we mentioned, which is why it sits relatively high on the list. This stethoscope is a great choice for students or someone who is looking to purchase their first stethoscope. It has dual tubing, which is unique to the others on this list.

Moving right along with the next stethoscope on our list. One great thing about the FriCARE Dual Head Stethoscope is that it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. So if you break it or mess it up ten years down the road, no worries, they will still replace it for you. How awesome it that?

While acoustic stethoscopes sometimes do not pick up quite as much sound as the electronic models, they work well enough for all medical professionals and have other benefits as well, such as easier maintenance and more affordable prices.

Due to their newer and more elaborate technology, these are equipped with features that hear a much greater range of noise frequencies compared to others. This allows medical professionals to hear more than with acoustic stethoscopes, although this is not always necessary.

This is simply the pieces that goes into the users ears, as the name suggests. It should feel soft and fit perfectly into the ear canal. Another thing to keep in mind about the earpiece is that it should also be properly angled to ensure a crisp, sound is heard during auscultation.

As you can see, the Littmann Stethoscope brand completely dominated our list. That is because the company does a great job of providing high-quality stethoscopes at affordable prices.

Medical Disclaimer: The information provided by Respiratory Therapy Zone is for educational and informational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with a physician with any questions that you may have regarding a medical condition.

This is a dual head, stainless steel stethoscope in black with reasonably good acoustics. Many people are pleasantly surprised by the quality of sound this stethoscope picks up, given its very low price.

Infant and pediatric stethoscopes have both a bell (open) side and a diaphragm (covered with a membrane) side. The smaller sizes allow the listener to hear only what they want, instead of heart and bowel sounds, which happens when an adult size is used on an infant.

The company is known for using high quality materials (such as steel, aluminum, flexible tubing, and soft earpieces), in addition to their superior design and manufacturing. This combo produces a stethoscope that provides the best sound quality possible.

This stethoscope features the same materials and high quality acoustics (including a dual head and double lumen) of all the 3M Littmann stethoscopes, but with longer tubing designed for greater versatility when examining animal patients.

Your stethoscope isn't just an important part of your medical uniform; it's a vital component to helping youproperly diagnose and treat patients. It's also one of a few devices that conveys to patients that you'retrustworthy and reliable, according tostudies. In other words, no matter how often you actually use one, a stethoscope is an awesomeaccessory to add to your arsenal as a nurse, doctor or caregiver.

But if you're new to the medical field, you know that finding the best stethoscope can be a bit of achallenge: you want something practical, reliable and professional. Choosing the best stethoscope for youcomes down to determining your needs on a day-to-day basis. How often do you use your stethoscope? Whatlevel of noise frequency would best serve you? What's your budget? We're happy to help you decide which isbest for your unique scenario.

Stethoscopes are like any other kind of medical device in that they come in various different models, whichhave changed over the years. You will have the option to choose from very basic, economical stethoscopes(generally acoustic ones) all the way up to high-performance digital Littmann stethoscopes with Bluetoothcapability and built-in amps.

Determining the best stethoscope for your field is relatively simple. The best stethoscope for nurses might not be the best fordoctors, and vise-versa. Nurses are less likely to need costly, high-tech devices that record data. Butbefore you do anything, ask yourself how often you use your stethoscope and determine a budget.

The best stethoscopes on the market today are all produced by the Littmann brand, named after the doctor whodiscovered the stethoscope we know and love today. Littmann brand stethoscopes are made by 3M. The greatthing about these stethoscopes is that they can be used for a lifetime when properly maintained. Forexample, you can keep your LittmannCardiology III Stethoscope in grade-A shape with spare repair parts.

Looking for an awesome gift for a doctor or nurse? Our personalized stethoscopes are a great option! We'd behappy to engrave any of these high-quality scopes for your recipient as an awesome med school or nursingschool graduation gift.

In addition to a good stethoscope itself (and certainly the cheaper/lighter Littmann Classic II gets the job done), many of my classmates and fellow residents also swore/swear by their holster, though I myself just bear with the neck strain.

Hello! Im a medical student. Confused between the cardiology iv and master cardio. I want better acoustics..but at the same time i also want the pediatric side for versatility as having to attach the adapter in the master cardio could be a pain. I also have yet to decide on a specialty.. So i cannot buy a stethoscope based on that. What do you think? :)

Thanks for this Ben. To your opinion, med students just starting school, should the go for a littmann cardiology straight form the get-go, or mess about with a classic for a few years before upgrading? Even if they do have the funds to get a cardiology straight away.

Buying you a new Littmann stethoscope may be intimidating, but here are a few tips and tricks to find your perfect stethoscope. Build it step by step! Choose engraving, case, charms, and make it perfect for you!

Littmann CORE Digital: Our most advanced stethoscope yet, with up to40x amplification (at peak frequency, vs. analog mode), active noise cancellation and in-app sound wave visualization.

Basically a dual-lumen stethoscope means that there is a channel in the middle of the stethoscope, and it divides the tube in two lumens. So one channel goes directly to your right ear, and the other channel goes directly to your left ear. What it does is it allows for less interference with rubbing noises.

Looking at Littmann Cardiology IV, it has an A-Frame compared to the regular stethoscope which has a Y-Frame. The cardiology IV is also thicker and shorter in the tubing to minimize sound interference from travelling from the chest piece to the binaural.

In terms of weight and length, it will also matter on your personal preference. I wear my stethoscope around my neck all day so I like it lightweight and I also like a longer tubing as it will be easier for me to assess my patients.

Consider all the features of the stethoscope, the price and what stage in nursing career you are at and then that makes the decision between the Littmann Cardiology IV and Littmann Classic III a little bit easier for you.

But before you make a decision just yet, it would be fantastic if you take a look at some of the Bjorn Stethoscope testimonials. This is the stethoscope I am using right now for work and it has everything I have laid out here, and more.

There you have it! I hope you have now a clearer idea between the Littmann Classic III and Littmann Cardiology IV and if you are still confused about what to buy, I have a lot of other reviews about different stethoscopes that might help you.

The ADC Adscope Lite 619 Ultra-Lightweight Stethoscope is another affordable stethoscope option. This model features an extra-deep bell and ultra-sensitive diaphragm for increased sound amplification and high-frequency sound transmission, such as when patients have artificial heart valves. ADC also offers complimentary refurbishment if your stethoscope is damaged and free parts for a lifetime.

The 3M Littmann CORE Digital Stethoscope is a perfect stethoscope for any nurse ready to take their assessment skills to the next level. This stethoscope provides up to 40X sound amplification which allows you to hear subtle sounds. The earpieces are comfortable and feature active noise cancellation. Plus, the Eko app can be paired with your stethoscope to allow you to see, record, and share the sounds you hear. (How great would that feature have been during nursing school?!) Even an artificial intelligence murmur analysis is available. This is perfect for sharing your physical exam findings with others and collaborating on a plan of care for your patient. You can also share with your patient what you are hearing so they can participate in their care. 041b061a72


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