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Kenneth Wilkins
Kenneth Wilkins

Y8 Swords And Sandals 2 Full 11 ((HOT))

The full version game is a lot more fun because several locked features and modes are unlocked. You can try and exercise your gladiator fighting skill and your strategy through several modes and the game should be unlimited for you. If you like fighting game, you should try this online game.

Y8 Swords And Sandals 2 Full 11

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Dana is a young woman with blue hair and aqua eyes. She wears the midriff baring traditional Eternian outfit, bridal gauntlets, detached sleeves, faulds, and knee high sandals. She ties her long hair in twin tails, decorated with white ribbons and a hairband. Dana uses her Crescent Moon Blades while rotating her body to pull off speedy attacks one after an other.


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