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Mall Tycoon GUI [NEW]

Original Roblox MallCreatorNightcallerMonth createdJanuary 2010VisitsAround 2,350,000GenreTown and CityPage last updated on November 15, 2022Original Roblox Mall is a tycoon game created by Nightcaller on January 24, 2010.

Mall Tycoon GUI

It was updated a few times over the course of time. It included a parking lot with some trees on the outside, and the mall itself. The mall branches off into a V shape, with the middle area being a laser tag arena with a blue and red team. Players would touch a teleport pad inside the small area and join the arena to play laser tag. Spectators could climb a ramp and view behind a glass wall. Each side held a number of shops which acted as tycoons. Players would then become owner of said shop until they left. Some of the shops offered gear items purchasable with tycoon cash depending on the store. For example, the toy shop sold toy gear like baseballs and water guns, the taco shop sold taco and drink gear, and the music shop sold guitars and other music related items. Later updates added a GameStop shop as well as a few other additional shops. There was a employees only Area that acted as a fast travel ramp that ran behind each store, with a player-only door by each rear entrance to prevent players from stealing others cash. Night caller eventually stopped updating the game, and eventually announced the development of a new mall. 041b061a72


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