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Download Game Drag Bike Evo 3

Polyphony doesn't only just produce the Gran Turismo series but also does the Tourist Trophy TT games. Some of these models can actually be found in Gran Turismo 4, though they are not accessible by legitimate means. There are only two motorcycles that, when spawned, look normal enough but instead have the wheels of a car that the bike floats between. I was unable to find a picture for this, but it's really weird looking and reminds everyone that Polyphony makes another great driving simulator game for those who aren't necessarily all about cars.

Download Game Drag Bike Evo 3

This one is quite infuriating for those perfectionists who want to beat Gran Turismo 100%. A Drag race feature was cut very late in the game so the track may not exist but there are three cars that can be modified into drag-racing cars. It's because of this late removal that you can only get 98.2% completion in the US releases. On the other hand, however, you can get up to 100.91% in Europe if you change the language from English to anything else and do both the Vauxhall and Opel events.

Finally, Tower Swap. This game uses merging in a match-3 format, and throws in some tower defense gameplay to create something unique. Build new resources by swapping and matching, and defeat the dragons with your newly created defenses!


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