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"VirtualBus (vBus) is a project of free bus simulator (bus driving game). It's an effect of developers',3d modellers', graphic designers' and many other people's work. Those people created a simulation program,a lot of buses and maps, textures and many tutorials - FOR FREE!"

RC2 rar

Older:A6C RC3.1,5.rar - Patch RC3.1.5 for Version A6C RC3.1A6C-RC3.1-Setup.exe - Version A6C RC3.1A6C-RC3-Setup.exe - Version A6C RC3Install-VBus_A6C.RC2.2_mod_ik280.exe - Version A6C RC2.2 modified by @ik280VirtualBus A6C RC2.2 Patch (18.04.2009).rar - Patch for Version A6C RC2.2 (18.04.2009)vbPatchdoA6crc2.2.rar - Patch for Version A6C RC2.2 (older)Setup.exe - Version A6C RC2.2vbus.rar - Version - Version A4e

The mod you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this mod, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

Ever wanted to have the fort walls from the AOE3/TWC/TAD campaign actually buildable in game? Well now you can. Want features which enhance and improve defences? You got it. want nifty new cards, units, buildings, upgrades, techs, maps and other things to all try it on? Well this it what this mod will feature.Balance is taken into consideration at all times throughout its production. Try it out now! :D!

On this page your viewing now, unless its totally urgent and "game breaking" so to speak...then post on the main page. Unfortunately MODDB seem to have provided "too many" places to voice comments so its hard to keep track of them all at times lol.

Its help both me and you communicate more easily, enables me not to miss anything, and prevents you from getting that "He isn't bothering to listen to me" feeling. I'm here to help as well you know :D!

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This post is the first in a new series titled Examining the Cybercrime Underground. Each post will delve into different aspects of how cybercriminals operate, using current examples of tools and techniques. What are their tools of the trade? How do they get them? How do they overcome challenges posed by security and anti-fraud systems? How do criminals profit from scams and turn stolen data into cash? Answering these questions will help readers better understand one of their primary cyberadversaries and use that knowledge to better protect their networks.

Knowing this, let's look at a common attack scenario used by cybercriminals. Cybercriminals often use Remote Administration Tools (RAT) to steal online banking credentials, credit card numbers, personal data, or other valuable pieces of information. One of the oldest and and most widely used RAT is DarkComet. This tool lets criminals perform a variety of functions including:

This person mentioned that in the past he worked for Cheetah Mobile (the number two Internet and mobile security company in China which is not related to this crypter in any way). But we can assume the developer's security knowledge and experience was to develop this crypter.

In another attack, the attacker sent the spear phishing mail under a stolen identity, "GPS Trading" company founder and CEO, Mr. Panos Dimitriadis. The attachment name is Quotation_inquiry.scr (also sent to import[at]

The SFX contains a lot of junk commands (for bypassing legacy security solutions) but in the in the middle it hides the command to auto-execute dmpbr.exe with parameter dhwdv.gko. This is one of the files in the SFX.

We successfully de-obfuscated the final script. For example, all strings internal AutoIt functions and Windows API functions used by the crypter are obfuscated with a simple but working algorithm (reverse hex bytes and decode them to ASCII strings).

Decrypt DarkComet with RC2 decryption algorithm in memory, check the registry for the default browser, creates browser process suspended, write DarkComet to verified signed browser process, uses setThreadContext to change the execution flow to the injected code and resume the process and delete itself.

The result is signed browser executable (in our case it is Chrome and signed by Google1c9e1a3aef25e34ea0fda67d3840c53a5449d63db6e9070f6dfc66f2fef92b15 0/55) that connects to DarkComet CNC execute attackers command.

We suspect we found a bug in the anti-emulator code. It works by opening mshta.exe seven times and killing it and then loops until those processes are killed, but it is unclear why the author assumes that will protect him from emulators.

After connecting this panel to your Ramps you don't need your pc any more, the Smart Controller supplies power for your SD card. Further more all actions like calibration, axes movements can be done by just using the rotary encoder on the Smart Controller. Print your 3D designs without PC, just with a g-code design stored on the SD card.

The connector nearest the wider end of the L-shaped "smart adaptor" is #2; the other is #1. Looking at the bottom face of the display card, with the ribbon cables going away from you (so the encoder, buzzer, and reset switch are to your right), the left socket is #1, and the right socket is #2.

  • PoCC is a flexible source-to-source iterative and model-drivencompiler, embedding most of the state-of-the-art tools for polyhedralcompilation. The main features are: a full-flavored compiler, from C code to optimized C code, and tobinary

  • the state-of-the art techniques in polyhedral optimization(iterative search among legal schedules, powerful model-driven tilingand parallelization)

  • a flexible platform to quickly prototype and developoptimizations leveraging the polyhedral model

  • modular design, configuration files-oriented, ...

  • PoCC embeds powerful Free software for polyhedral compilation. Thissoftware is accessible from the main driver, and several IR conversionfunctions allows to communicate easily between passes of the compiler. Clan, the Chunky loop analyzer, to extract a polyhedral intermediate representation from the source code

  • Candl, the Chunky analyzer for dependences in loops, to compute polyhedral dependences from the polyhedral IR

  • LetSee, the Legal transformation Space explorator, for iterative compilation using affine multidimensional schedules

  • PLuTo, an automatic parallelizer and locality optimizer for multicores, for powerful optimization with tiling and parallelism in the polyhedral model

  • CLooG, the Chunky Loop Generator, to generate syntactic code from the polyhedral representation

  • PIPLib, the Parametric Integer Programming Library

  • PolyLib, the Polyhedral Library

  • ISL, the Integer Set Library

  • FM, the Fourier-Motzkin library

  • Communication: three groups are available for subscriptionpocc-announces: receive announces about releases of the software.

  • pocc-users: discuss any matter about how to use PoCC.

  • pocc-dev: discuss any matter related to the software's implementation, bug fixes, desired features, etc...

  • The stable mode of PoCC does not require any software beyonda working GNU toolchain and Perl. Several other modes areavailable through the SVN version of PoCC (available on request). Touse those other modes such as base, develand irregular, some software is additionally required tobuild the development version of PoCC: Flex

  • Bison

  • a subversion client

  • a GIT client

  • Autoconf version 2.60 or later

  • Automake version 1.9 or later

  • Libtool version 1.5.22 or later

  • doxygen

  • texinfo

PoCC features several modes to configure the compiler. Thedefault mode for the installer is stable. To change it anduse a development mode, change the value ofthe POCC_VERSION variable at the beginning ofthe file.

The installation of PoCC is packaged in an installerscript PoCC is not aimed at being installedin a specific location on the system. Instead, appendthe pocc-1.1/bin directory to your PATHvariable to use PoCC from any location.$> tar xzf pocc-1.1.tar.gz$> cd pocc-1.1$> ./$> export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/bin

For a test run of the compiler:$> pocc gemver.c[PoCC] Compiling file: gemver.c[PoCC] INFO: pass-thru compilation, no optimization enabled[PoCC] Running Clan[PoCC] Running Candl[PoCC] Starting Codegen[PoCC] Running CLooG[CLooG] INFO: 3 dimensions (over 5) are scalar.[PAST] Converting CLAST to PoCC AST[PoCC] Using the PAST back-end[PoCC] Output file is gemver.pocc.c.[PoCC] All done.

We experimented on three high-end machines: a 4-socket Intel hexa-coreXeon E7450 (Dunnington) at 2.4GHz with 64 GB of memory (24 cores, 24hardware threads), a 4-socket AMD quad-core Opteron 8380 (Shanghai) at2.50GHz (16 cores, 16 hardware threads) with 64 GB of memory, and an2-socket IBM dual-core Power5+ at 1.65GHz (4 cores, 8 hardwarethreads) with 16 GB of memory.

All systems were running Linux 2.6.x. We used Intel ICC 10.0 withoptions -fast -parallel -openmp referred to asicc-par, and with -fast referred to asicc-nopar, GCC 4.3.3 with options -O3 -msse3 -fopenmp as gcc, and IBM/XLC 10.1 compiled for Power5with options -O3 -qhot=nosimd -qsmp -qthreaded referred to asxlc-par, and -O3 -qhot=nosimd referred asxlc-nopar. We report the performance of the precutiterative compilation mode of PoCC as iter-xx when used on topof the xx compiler. Precut search is enabled in PoCC withoptions --letsee-space precut, and tiling and parallelization for precuts with --pluto-tile --pluto-parallel. 041b061a72


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