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[S7E1] The Goodbye Girl REPACK

PARIS: I don't know, wealthy, good-looking, hedonistic heir to billion-dollar, multinational media conglomerate moves to London and spends nights pining away for his college girlfriend? Who's watching that movie?

[S7E1] The Goodbye Girl

The office members reminisce over what they did during the summer. Michael recollects how he contracted West Nile virus and lost some weight. After recovering he returns to the lake, only to cut his foot on a piece of glass in the parking lot, which got infected after he peed on it. Gabe reveals that he started dating Erin over the summer, and both parties agree that they are enjoying the experience (although Erin admits she only agreed to the first date as she was afraid Gabe would have her fired if she didn't). Andy tries to remain calm at the prospect, but it is obvious he is mad at Gabe for stealing his girlfriend. He tries to calm himself by picturing himself at a calm beach, where he sees a whale in the ocean eating Gabe.

Hank decides to control Bobby's music choices and is drawn to the boy band, 4Skore. Although made fun of by Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer for listening to a boy band, Hank takes Bobby, Joseph, Connie, and Connie's friend, Jordan from the learning center to the concert. Hank is dismayed when the band's stage choreography is raunchier than his listening to a small part of one song led him to believe. He's also shocked to see Bobby and Jordan dancing inappropriately at the concert. After embarrassing Bobby by dragging him away from Jordan, Hank develops an apparent obsession with trying to make Bobby's adolescence wholesome and brings a complaint to Jordan's parents. The girl's parents' (Mr. Bronson and Mrs. Hilgren-Bronson) loose parenting style is appalling to Hank, but alluring to Peggy and Bobby. Jordan's "progressive" parents are allowing her to have a coed slumber party. Despite Hank's refusal, Bobby wants to go. Peggy, not wanting Hank to be tied with Bill, (subplot) tells Bobby what bus to take to make it to the party. At the party, a "cool" girl is playing God in a game of 7 Minutes In Heaven, where Jordan and Bobby are locked in a closet and expected to make out. Jordan's parents have left to go see a movie, leaving the adolescents to take care of themselves. Hank finds out that Bobby has gone to the party and promptly makes it over to Jordan's house, saving Bobby from having to take off his clothes while in the closet. Hank then supervises the kids in little kid's games like pin the tail on the donkey.

A package is delivered to Bobby's house and he opens it to find a parchment from Crowley, containing the spell to bind Death (along with a "goodbye forever" note). He says they have most of the things but they will need a few more things, such as "an act of God crystallized forever". He surmises that a fulgurite - sand hit by lightning, an act of God, at a right angle crystallizing into a perfect shape of itself - should do the trick. The only blip is that it's rare. However, he has managed to track a bidder with one only nine hours away. They drive over in the newly repaired Impala.

"Supernatural, Supernatural, Supernatural! Episodes 18 AND 19 of Season 15 were heartbreaking, dramatic, and absolutely wonderful. The final episode was NOT the goodbye that we all deserved from 15 years of fandom."

Gary decides to make another visit to 1940, following an ultimatum from Yvonne. Ron forges some 1940s money so that Gary can make a killing on the Stock Exchange. PC Deadman brings news of the King's visit to East London and Gary arranges to visit the London Hospital. Gary takes Phoebe for a meal at the Savoy to say goodbye, and secretly books the Imperial Suite. Phoebe's father, Eric, brings her some important news. Gary gives Yvonne an unexpected present, and she points out someone who looks rather familiar in an old 1940s newsreel.

The Ron and Stella saga continues. All seems well with both Phoebe and Yvonne, but while Gary's away the girls get up to things. Gary's nearly late as the belle of the ball. Meanwhile, in the cellar Reg is making a present for Frankie.

Yvonne throws Gary out of their Thameside penthouse apartment, which makes Gary edgy, which in turn makes Phoebe suspicious that there's someone else in his life. Ron has new girlfriend, Flic, who is so classy she's out of his league, and he is desperate to impress her, but Gary is more concerned about getting back with Yvonne. 041b061a72


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