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American Horror Story - Season 4

Freak Show combines urban legends, serial killers, and circuses to create a storyline that is both electric and eerie. From circus freaks based on real-life performers to killer clowns with a chilling backstory, the fourth season of American Horror Story takes several cues from true stories and historical figures.

American Horror Story - Season 4

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As American Horror Story's third season draws to a close, executive producer Ryan Murphy has begun dropping hints about the plot of Season 4. So far, he's revealed that the season will likely shoot in Santa Fe or New Orleans, where they shot this season. And on Wednesday, Murphy told Entertainment Weeklythatthe story would take place in 1950.

The one that started it all. Introducing us to Tate and Constance Langdon, Violet Harmon, and just a whole lotta ghosts, Murder House is American Horror Story at its best. More than just a haunted house, this season explores decades of trauma all set in the gorgeous Los Angeles home with a vivid history of bloodshed. This show started off with a bang and the terrifying (and sometimes heartbreaking) highs reached in this season have yet to be eclipsed by any of the subsequent eight seasons.

American Horror Story: Freak Show is the fourth season of the FX Network horror anthology series American Horror Story. The season premiered on October 15th, 2014 and ended on January 21st, 2015, spanning a total of thirteen episodes. The premise of the season revolves around a carnival sideshow that is set up in the town of Jupiter, Florida in the early 1950s. Though most of the storyline utilizes "real world" physics and probabilities, there are also supernatural elements at play in the form of ghosts.

This storyline saw the return of several notable actors from previous seasons such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Emma Roberts, Denis O'Hare, and Jessica Lange. This storyline also served as the final season of the show to feature Jessica Lange as a mainstay character, though she would return in season eight, "Apocalypse", reprising the role of her season one character, Constance Langdon. New faces that appear in "Freak Show" include Finn Wittrock as an apprentice serial killer named Dandy Mott, John Carroll Lynch as the gruesome Twisty the Clown, Erika Ervin as Amazon Eve, Mat Fraser as Paul the Illustrated Seal, and Rose Siggins as Legless Suzi.

When American Horror Story premiered in 2011, long before the first season was even referred to as Murder House, it was unlike anything else on television. Sexy, scary and absolutely unapologetic, it laid the groundwork for what would become one of the most engrossing franchises in TV history.

Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk (who both work with Netflix under overall deals) the anthology series starts each season with a brand new story and cast roster. The series remains popular with a spin-off entitled American Horror Stories that releases on FX on Hulu.

This not only really brings me back to a theory I made in my recap of Episodes 1 and 2, that this season might be an origin story for the pill in "Red Tide" from last year's season, but hammers it in that the true theme of this current season is that being gay can be very terrifying because most everyone and everything is more foe than friend which, judging by the 2023 GOP candidates, is truer than ever.

As Gino leads the hunt for the Mai Tai killer, getting captured by him once again, this time in the city hospital, the "big bad" of the previous episodes, Big Daddy, feels like the lesser of all evils, and at the center of it all is Dr. Hannah Wells who, not only seems to personally know the Mai Tai killer, but is seemingly pregnant with Adam's (Charlie Carver) baby? As we've seen in previous seasons of "AHS," including both parts of "Double Feature," children are anything but bundles of joy in this show. Having a child in the midst of abject horror? Talk about a nightmare.

Based on a statement like that, it might be worthwhile for fans to take a closer look at Freak Show to see what else might make the jump to Season 7. It seems like it may have an impact that extends past Twisty the Clown, though his return appears to be the biggest link between Cult and the previous seasons right now. However, there's always room for more callbacks as the season progresses and the story deepens.

When it was announced that Lily Rabe's Sister Mary Eunice would appear on "Freak Show, it became clear that Season 4 would connect to Season 2's "Asylum." Wednesday night's mid-season finale finally connected the dots between Elsa Mars' freak show and Briarcliff Manor from "Asylum." The episode revealed Pepper's entire origin story, from when she first met Elsa to how she arrived at the asylum. In present day of "Freak Show," which is set in Jupiter, Florida, in 1952, Elsa finds Pepper's sister and asks her to take Pepper in so she can finally have a real family.

The plot is all over the place. Series like this often go for the mid-season cliffhanger or the plot that changes around episode nine of twelve. It feels like the makers were trying to buck this trend by having multiple switches in the direction of the story, but a result is that it never seems to find its path. The first part is very Twisty-centric, but that quickly disappears. It then seems like the series is about Dandy, but Dandy kind of fades into the background as Stanley and Maggie become the stars. The worst offense at this was Neil Patrick Harris and his dummy which added nothing to the story (other than a means to kill Emma Roberts). The series tries to come together at the end of the season, but it never really gels. 041b061a72


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