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several products, including that of ik multimedia, allow samples to be split into various regions. if a sample is to be notated, or otherwise extracted to save in your project, it will be best not to sample the loop at the point where the split occurs. fortunately, that is often clearly visible in the instrument's character and there are tools to help you find these points.


ik multimedia has made sure to include every sample in the library in a form as close as possible to the original. the original instruments have been recorded directly with a tape machine (we are talking some of the last analogue recording gear), and the samples are faithfully reproduced using the original recordings as references. where tapes are available, we have used them to reproduce the entire library.

the original instruments in this library have been recorded with a tape machine. the tapes are available at no additional cost and include the master (original) tape, the accreted editions and the later remastered original master reels. this means that you can legally make use of these master tapes for your projects.

if your project works with propellerhead's ladspa effects, chances are that you have used the precise and natural distortion units. you can now use them in combination with these instruments too, and many other effects.

the original instruments in this library have been recorded with the best equipment available. this means that they are very high resolution recordings where every sound and nuance is reproduced faithfully using the original tapes or discs. the original samples are available in some form, but they are no longer produced. because of this, it is not possible to record direct the new samples. however, we have recreated the original samples and added enhancements to fit these instruments. that means that the sounds are closer to the originals than ever before, and the instruments are more compatible than ever before. however, this is still not enough. some enhancements were not possible, because we are working with music that has never been available on the market.


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