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Aidan the Hugging Goldendoodle follows the journey of one dog's search for his purpose in life.  Endowed with the heart of a Golden Retriever by his mother and the intellignece of a Standard Poodle by his father. Aidan is sent into the city to discover the power he wields to do good things with his natural fift for compassion. Aidan struggles at first, then makes friends along the way that change his life-and theirs-forever.  More and more friends and adventrues will follow as Aidan's Aid 'n Comfort Movement grows!

Aidan The Hugging Goldendoodle Book

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  • Aidan The Hugging Goldendoodle Book

    This is AIdan's first book.  Follow Aidan on his heartwarming adventrues to teach children kindess and compassion!





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